Philanthropy with a Rate of Return

At Trailblazer, we are entrepreneurial venture investors who believe in the virtuous cycle of capital within our community. The best way to contribute to our community is to fund the best and brightest new and serial entrepreneurs who will create opportunities, build wealth, increase employment and enhance the communities they serve. If they are successful, today's entrepreneurs can be tomorrow's community leaders and philanthropists.

The Early Stage and Small Investment Gap

In our market, we have perceived a critical gap in venture capital investing that exists between seed capital providers and large institutional investors. The consequence: bootstrapped companies often find themselves undercapitalized and without the necessary resources to grab market share while overfunded companies perpetuate highly capital inefficient business models. Trailblazer's goal is to fill this gap by providing the capital, connections and support necessary for an early stage company to build value for both the investors and the management team. Our approach is to provide hands on guidance, business development and financial advice to our portfolio companies by leveraging our own entrepreneurial experience. We are active investors who bring far more to any opportunity than just capital.