Investment Criteria

Ideal candidates for investment will possess many characteristics that are often used to describe venture opportunities: a disruptive business model, an efficient use of capital, a sustainable competitive advantage and an experienced management team. For Trailblazer, these qualities are used as a baseline to filter the opportunities that are introduced to us.

As a venture fund, we require the potential for exceptional returns on every investment. To generate these returns, we must hunt for extraordinary leaders — individuals whose clear-headed vision is matched by their capacity to execute under any circumstance. We recognize that these individuals and their companies come in many forms and styles. At Trailblazer, our goal is to identify and pursue people and companies with the qualities that constitute great entrepreneurs and exceptional business opportunities.

Team, Product, Market, Finance

Trailblazer's analysis and diligence process is based upon these core aspects of venture investing:

  • Trailblazer looks for teams with relative domain expertise - people whose current venture is directly related to fields in which they have experienced success and gained valuable knowledge;
  • A product or service based on intellectual property that provides a competitive differentiation with demonstrable, measurable benefits;
  • A product or service must address a large, growing and measurable market (new or existing). In addition, a clearly defined go-to-market strategy is critical;
  • Financial forecasts should be built with capital efficiency in mind. First round funding must take the company to meaningful milestones that build tangible business value.